Friday, November 4th
14:00 pmRegistration / Jackpots
16:00 pmStart Consulting Double
18:00 UhrEnd of Registration Champions & Intermediate
19:00 pmStart Champion & Intermediate
21:00 pm2nd Round Main Champion & Intermediate
23:00 Uhr2nd Round Double
Saturday, November 5th
Speed Tournament (Flying Start - with possible rebuy)
11:00 amActivities continue in all divisions
11:00 amActivities continue in all divisions - Round 3 till 5 Champion & Intermediate
17:00 pmSemifinals Champion
18:00 UhrDinner Break
20:00 UhrStart Super/Limited Jackpot All activities continue
22:00 UhrDouble / Superjackpot (until Semifinals)
Open End
Sunday, November 6th
11:00 amSemi final Consolation
12:00 amLast Chance
14:00 pmFinals in all Divisions
19:00 pmSponsored Dinner


Champions & Intermediate

Double KO system with progressive 2nd chance.
Simple KO system from the quarterfinals
(one player may have to play alone, tournament comes first)
Caution Announcement Flyer!
Main: 13 points
Consolation: 9 points
Last Chance: 5 points 500,00 Added

Super Jackpot & Limited Jackpot (only for players eliminated from the tournament)

Single Elemination to 9 points
Consulting Linited Double 1000,00 Added
Single Elemination to 7 points

Speed Gammon

Sinlge Elemination to 5 points
Mini Jackpots / 20 , 50, 100 Euro
The WBGF Tournement rules apply


Entry feeRegistration
Sidepool opt. nur Main190,0010,00
Consulting Doppel pro Team350,0050,00
Super Jackpot & Limited Jackpot (only for players eliminated from the tournament)450,0050,00
Speed Gammon40,0010,00

Inform yourself here about the scheduled times of the tournament!

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