Covid 19

Dear players,

The following health and safety protocols for our tournament are issued to protect all players and staff due to the current impact of the COVID-19 Delta variant. We request you to please cooperate and obey these protocols. Please note that contraventions will not be tolerated and will cause a warning by the tournament management. Failure to observe these warnings will result in the exclusion of participantion in all tournament activities.

All participants must provide the following information when registrating:

– Proof of vaccination presentation of a vaccination certificate or similar document showing that the vaccination was completed at least 14 days ago. The second dose must have been given if a vaccine requires two injections. 
As proof, only a vaccine that is approved in Germany or the EU is permitted.

– If there is no proof of vaccination, a negative PCR test result within the last 48 hours or a a negative PoC-antigen-test result within the last 24 hours must be submitted. 

– People who have recently recovered from COVID-19, must provide a positive PCR test resultthat is at least 15 days old but cannot be older than 180 days.

In addition, the following safety protocols apply for the duration of the tournament.

– Mask requirement: At the registration and in the tournament hall, the participants must wear a mask at all times.
The mask can only be removed during a game at the table if the players agree.

– Hand disinfection: Stations will be available throughout the tournament hall. Players are asked to sanitize their hands between each game.

– Tables with social distancing: The tables in the tournament room are set up at least 1.50 m apart to ensure an appropriate level of social distance.

– Showing symptoms: Participants who have flu-like symptoms are not allowed to participate in the tournament, even if they have registered in advance. In case of doubt, the tournament organizer is entitled to measure the temperature of each participant and to request a new negative COVID test result.

– Participant tracking: The organizer uses a contact form for all participants to track contracts. These forms are kept for 4 weeks and will be destroyed afterwards in accordance with data protection regulations.

Thank you for your understanding as we do our best to provide a safe gaming environment for all participants.

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