Join the 3rd Porta Nigra Invitational in Germany's oldest city.

Unfortunately, the tournament from March 16th to March 19th will not take place.​

Already 16 B.C. the originally called "Augusta Treverorum" was founded by the Romans. Today, the amazingly well-preserved Roman and medieval monuments are UNESCO World Heritage Sites and are the ideal venue for one of the oldest board games in the world.

The idyllic yet modern city on the Moselle has much to offer. You and your companion expect numerous shopping opportunities, culinary offers, impressive wine tasting and much more!

What can be seen and experienced in Trier, you will find here:


The tournament itself takes place on the ship RIVERDREAM - landing stage Zurlaubener Ufer - 54292 Trier.

How to get there:

... by bus and by rail

From Trier main station you can reach the Zurlaubener Ufer by bus in a few minutes.

... by airplane

The nearest airports are Luxembourg (about 45 minutes drive) and Frankfurt / Hahn (about 1 hour drive). There are also regular and direct bus connections from Frankfurt / Main airport to the main station in Trier.

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