Entry fee, prizes and mode

100% of the entry fees will be put into the pot of the Trier backgammon tournament, plus there will be extra prizes.

Team World Champions

- max. 7 players per team
- 9 points, with 5 more buid-in breaktime
- the clock is always running
- 5 players per round
- 3 lives, board points count as second decision criterion
- Registration via WBGF

Individual WBGF Champion

- Starting fee 330€, Registration 70€
- 9 points, without pause
- 3 Lives
- Registration online or on site!

Speed World Championship

- Starting fee 120€, Registration 30€
- 5 points, 9 sec delay, 2 min timebank
- Registration online or on site!

Consultation World Championship

- Starting fee 500€, Registration 100€
- 7 points, 12 seconds delay, 21 minutes time bank incl. rest time, the clock keeps running even during a pause breaktime
- the clock is always running
- A team must consist of 2 players
- Registration online or on site!

There are no breaks in the matches. If a player leaves his place, his time will run. If a player is late, his time will also run. If both players are late, the timebank will be shortened for both. If the time runs out, the match is lost. Of course, we will comply with the hygiene rules applicable at the time of the tournament.

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